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How can our CBD oil help you?

Recent studies have shown that CBD, (cannabidiol), is one of the most powerful and beneficial compounds found in cannabis. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and has demonstrated to have many wellness benefits including anti-inflammatory properties.

Is CBD oil right for me?

CBD oil has been in the spotlight for the past 2 years. In this period of time, many articles have been published describing how CBD  has helped with the benefits of decreasing stress, anxiety, and pain. Some evidence suggest that CBD may hold many wellness benefits like neuroprotective functions, as well as, anti-inflammatory properties.

Our CBD oil

Our CBD oil originates from Oregon, USA. It starts as Non-GMO medical hemp seedlings that are organically grown to the right age for maximal CBD levels. After the plants mature, they are harvested and the flower portion of the plant is dried and cured. This finished cured product is sent to our ISO certified and FDA approved laboratory facilities and undergoes the process of extraction. This phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil extract is then blended with MCT oil to create an unflavored high-quality tincture. 


     Miss Moon’s Hemp started out as just an idea. When owner, Victoria was pregnant, she suffered a lot from anxiety and pain. Anxiety that kept her up all night, leaving her feeling slow and groggy the next day and stopping her from doing the things that she loved. After finding out about CBD oil and the wonders that it did, she quickly ordered some and hoped for some relief.

     While all this was going on, her and her husband quickly found out that not all CBD oils are made the same. From added ingredients that do more harm than good, to unfair pricing, and even false claims about what was in the CBD oil. This is when they knew they needed to step in and create something that would be great, affordable, and still effective.

     At Miss Moon’s Hemp, we believe in 100% transparency with our customers. Our full spectrum, 1,000 mg CBD Oil only has TWO ingredients. MCT Oil (our carrier oil) and full spectrum phytocannabinoid extract. There are no extra added ingredients, it’s locally sourced from an organic farmer in Oregon and made in our ISO certified and FDA approved lab. Each batch is 3rdparty lab tested to ensure that you are getting what you pay for, as well as, getting the highest quality out there!

     Victoria quickly fell in love with CBD oil and the amazing things that it did for her body, mind, and spirit. “It brightened my life” said Victoria, “I felt like I could finally breathe again. I didn’t want to use any pharmaceuticals that my doctors were pushing on me. I found CBD oil and it changed my life.”

     Now located in the Low Country area of South Carolina, owners Victoria and Luis can be found regularly at different events and farmers markets. Keep up with them to see where they are at on either Facebook or Instagram page:


         Shop their CBD oil at www.missmoonshemp.com

What Our Customers say

Great product! Highly efficacious. One of the best brands out there. I’ve felt this product with less quantity taken than most other brands. I take this for anxiety and sleep. I even put the liquid in my vape pen!

Bradley Burgess

Wow!!! This product has all the percentage of CBD I need for my arthritis and other body aches. I feel the HEALING and restoring the numbness of my hands. I wake up rested and painless in the morning. Recommended 100% for it’s effectiveness and quality.

Ale Yam

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